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Our Management Staff has over 50 Years of Data Collection Experience working with Government Agencies and Private Firms alike.

Sharon E. Morris - President/Principal Owner

Mrs. Morris is the key player in day to day operations and management of all offices, in the 2 keys states we have considerable market presence.  She has fostered relationships, leveraged the competition with her tenacity and diligence that cannot be matched.  Her experience goes back to 1994 and has moved through the industry blazing a path that can only be described as "Brilliant".  In her own words, "Success has always been a byproduct of understanding the industry and moving with it.  Sustaining relationships and Professionalism is one of the key elements that guides our decision making for the collection process.  I have excellent staff that helps lead this firm with an excellent team that follows me into any project to achieve our clients’ goals.  Veracity Traffic Group is a clear choice for most Engineers and Government agencies as they see us as the best in the business".


      -Sharon E. Morris.

Jerry J. Morris - Principle Owner/Video Systems Specialist


Mr. Morris has been an entrepreneur since he was in his teens.  His first company started in 1986 and is still in operations today, along with his other later endeavors as a business owner.  He is not a "sit in the office and point fingers" what to do kind of guy, he still works side by side, with his staff to guide and shed knowledge to continuously educate his staff on his experiences in this industry.  He has personally set over 40,000 ADT counts and nearing 1000 VTMC's in 5 states.  Those stats are staggering and those don’t include the ones he manages.   He is going on 20+ years in Traffic Engineering Community and he started as an Associate Engineer and worked his way through the ranks to get to upper management, then co-owned FDS with a partner.  In 2006, he purchased out his last remaining partner and has led the way in 2 states ever since.  Field Data Services of Arizona, Inc. is the company he operates is in the process a name change.  This action he felt was needed to  remove the stigma attached to the former owners and to name what he has built into one of the best Traffic Engineering Service business' in the U.S.A.  The rebirth of this endeavor is taking on new management team, and a new name; Veracity Traffic Group.  A "True" Traffic Group with a Licensed Engineer in 4 states to facilitate small engineering projects and oversee projects and validate our data collection efforts.  His resume is vast, his expertise has been called on by Universities, Colleges and Government Agencies alike.  Success has found its way to Mr. Morris for he is Talented, Educated, and Creative and has a die hard work ethics that is hard to match.

Dirk Rice - Arizona General Manager/Principal Owner

Mr. Rice is one talented individual, and has shaped himself to be true leader.  He has surpassed all other staff under Mr. Morris' guidance and the owners of Veracity Traffic Group had no choice but to bring Dirk in as a Principal and General Manager of Arizona Region.  He has spearheaded almost all of our projects in Arizona, for the last 5 years or more.  Started in the field, just like Mr. Morris did and carved his own way with strong work ethics, understanding the data and making solid choices to facilitate defensible, reliable and more over usable data.  Since he has the same ethics as Mr. Morris, they work very well together and apart.  Dirk Rice plays an instrumental role in the success of the Arizona Operations and that role help facilitate more offices in other regions.  

Pamai Fita - Office Manager/San Diego's Regional Manager and Hawaii's Contract Liason


This young, talented individual has only been with us a short year, but you would never know.  Responsibility and hard work is in her bloodline as she formerly worked in the intense Health Care Industry.  She jumped on board with very little knowledge of the traffic engineering field, but she is educated and her strong will guided her to be member of our Management Team in a short, but intense few months.  It’s fair to say this born leader is articulate, thrives on challenges and obstacles and achieves success and doesn’t hope or waits for it, she makes it happen. Veracity would have a hard time finding anyone with her skills, work ethics and most of all her ability to think on her feet and execute what has to be done.  Her mindset is hard to find these days.  Needless to say, she is one of our shining stars at Veracity and her light burns bright, every day.

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