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​“FDS-Veracity is the best in the business.” - Former AZITE President


" We cant provide our clients  the level of service we provide without FDS-Veracity",  WBE Traffic Engineering Firm in Scottsdale, Az.


"Thanks to FDS-Veracity, we will forever change they way we collect data, Your staff and procedures are second to none!", Former Engineer of  City of Glendale, Engineering Dept.

​"A special thanks to the team at FDS-Veracity, on time, on budget and data we can use, without any doubt.  A clear choice using FDS-Veracity"




"Thank you for doing a great job for one of my clients here is Washington.  They needed work completed in Arizona, and our relationship with you is solid, So I trusted you so it worked well for this project.  I sent them your way and my clients thanked me to no end. 

                                                                                      - Jen

                                                                        Traffic Count Consultants, Inc.



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